Wednesday, 22 August 2012

How Time Flies

The 17th of August 2012 was my 2nd Anniversary on twitter. What a year it has been, over 69700 tweets gives you an idea of my involvement. My ‘gang’ has grown so much 8350 at last register call J. You are lovely followers, keeping me informed and so entertained. I do a lot of LOLs. It is not all laughs, I find myself crying over some sad tweet. Injustice makes me sad and angry. I try to be kind.

Have to admit that I am somewhat of an addict and do miss it if I am unable to access it. As in ordinary life, certain things do drive me potty in the Twitterverse but as in this world we learn to ignore them. I have made such good friends here. We meet regularly and always keep in touch. I often have them as my house guests and have experienced great hospitality from them.

Contrary to popular belief I do not spend much of the day with a glass of Merlot in my hand. One tweeter posted “I can’t open a bottle of wine without thinking of you”! I suppose that‘s flattering. Another said “I have been in love with this woman since I was a teenager. I nearly turned out straight because of her!” I would never complain about being loved, I am grateful.

I am extremely lucky to have so many followers of all ages and persuasions. I was honoured to do the ‘Alternative Queen’s Speech’ at Christmas on Gaydar Radio. We had such fun. I do get shocked sometimes at how explicit some tweets are. Not just sex related ones. One post said “Almost wiped my bum with my scarf”. I did laugh but do we really need to know that? “I found a grey pube this morning, hope it isn’t mine”, was a @colindobson gem. @JaseJordan made me roar with laughter when he posted “Bought a packet of Tesco finest sausages today. On the packet was a photo of Anthony Worral Thomson and underneath it said prick with a fork”.  @MooseAllain a brilliant prolific tweeter has the right idea, “Of course the majority of our tweets go to landfill”.

I met @harry_moseley on twitter. I could not have predicted what an influence an 11yr old boy could have on me. He was the bravest, funniest, cheekiest most inspirational person I have ever met. When Harry was in a coma in intensive care in hospital I joked with him to try and get a response. I told him I would give him loads of lipstick kisses to make the nurses jealous. He did squeeze my hand but we couldn’t be sure it was related. I watched in awe the love and dedication from his family and the hospital staff. He had raised £500,000 before he died. Imagine what he would have achieved had he lived. His Mum Georgie labours tirelessly to keep his dream alive. I am honoured to be part of it.

You may have noticed how much I love wildlife. It is my pleasure to answer your questions concerning some of the photos I post. I have recently been part of a fascinating project to raise money for teenage cancer via @3hundredand65 .They have people adding one tweet each day across the year to a fantasy story which they illustrate. It will be a very extraordinary book. Twitter can be such a force for good.

I am a very lucky person I do not have any relatives but I do have a lot of amazing friends. It would be nice to have one special person in my life. If it is meant to be it will happen. In the mean time I enjoy every day. I try to keep fit I want to be around for many more years.

Wincey Willis

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

One Hundred & Forty Characters

I wrote this blog well over a year ago, when I was just feeling my feet in the Twitterverse. It was hosted by my much loved friend Gary (@Gazabell) as I never imagined I would have my own blogspot. Now I have we have moved it here. Hope you enjoy it and the other blogs if you haven’t had a chance to read them so far. Thank you for even considering them. X 

Sounds like the cast list of an am dram panto where everyone has to have a part. The stage for this particular show is enormous; the audience don’t buy tickets they drop in and out as they please. They aren’t expected to be silent and what they get up to during the performance sometimes beggars belief.

Yes we are talking of the round the clock show that is Twitter. It is eleven months since I joined the cast and what an eye opener that has been. The fun is in the fact that we are both audience and player, observing and interacting as we choose. There are many things that I have learned during my apprenticeship, some of which I will share with you now.

It didn’t take too long to figure that for quite a lot, sexual gratification came high on their reasons for participation. Whether it was with someone else or on their own if you get my drift. When it was posted if the world was going to end in 8 minutes what would you do? The women mostly declared they would hug their children or ‘phone people who they loved to tell them so, a very high percentage of the men were single handily busy!!!

I love the random tweets that make me laugh. I remember one saying there were over 4million work related injuries, so play it safe and call in sick. More or less the next one asked if anyone had any thoughts on silicone bake ware. I pondered if that was a euphemism but I don’t think so. I did once have cause, and I can’t remember why, to tell @Gazabell to lay back, head on cushion and your hands where I can see them. To which he replied, “I’ll keep them down my pants for safe keeping”.

One of my favourite tweeps told me his partner always checks his tweets before he sends them, he worries if they will offend me. I thought that was utterly charming. However I have not lived a sheltered life so I would say 95% of the tweets make me either laugh, learn something, or be concerned for the tweeter.
When someone turned a bit nasty towards me the outpouring of sympathy and kindness was overwhelming. People wanted to send their thoughts directly to the person but I didn’t think they deserved the oxygen of publicity. I loved one particular tweet from @Assimilathis that said “Set your gays on him”. I am so very lucky to have 2300+ followers and what a diverse group you are.

Merlot still plays a significant part in my twitter life, even if I don’t drink it every waking hour most tweeps seem to think I do. I loved the posts from @Ianpearce which said “She is a bit like Mary Poppins but with a carpet bag full of empty wine bottles” and @apophthegmist who said “Twitter has infected my brain. Spotted a bottle of Merlot earlier and my first thought was Wincey Willis”.

August 17th will be my first Twitter Anniversary, buy shares in Merlot now. Not that I need an excuse, cheers my dears. :-))))

Wincey Willis